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AIM Adventures In Mexico Newsletter
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Adventures in Mexico Newsletter
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AIM-Adventures in Mexico Newsletter
April, May 2004

fffffGolly, would it be fun to build a tropical house in the jungle, views into all that greenery and how much imagination could be brought to the project! But would it be smart? AIM tends to doubt it, so we looked skeptically on the lots available in the $12,000 to $20,000 price range. With one big exception: the large subdivison just eight blocks from the beach, on the main street, Ave. Tercer Mundo, across from the soccer field. Here, for just $12,000 for a small, but buildable lot 10 meters by 15 meters you are 1) just off the main street, 2) have water and sewer, 3) you can probably build more cheaply here than elsewhere---for its a Mexican neighborhood, and the local building inspectors arent likely to place as high a burden on construction projects here as over in Las Olas, (see review below) and 4) the price ratio is 50:1 compared to Las Olas lots just blocks away. In other words, the huge price spread between a $600,000 ocean lot and a $12,000 village lot suggests that one is over-priced, or the other under-priced. AIM is aware of many communities in the U.S. with million dollar building lots. But in none of them is any lot also available for $20,000 (50:1). And there wouldnt be any tropical fruit growing in the vicinity.
fffffWe imagined buying a lot in this subdivision for $12,000, then having a small, small house built, maybe just 20X15 (300 sf.), two rooms, very open air, and having the kitchen, shower, and dining and living areas created as inside/outside space no walls, just palapa roofs with thatch, native-style. Maybe we would have to pay $60/foot to construct the core structure, but if we skipped the tile in favor of color-impregnated smooth concrete for the floor and counters (like we saw in San Franciscos laundromat over on Calle Mexico), we might get the whole thing--palapa roof, patios and all, nearly 1000 s/f of useful living space, much of it outside under palapa roof, for just $18,000. We would do the painting ourselves.

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