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AIM Adventures In Mexico Newsletter
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Adventures in Mexico Newsletter
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AIM-Adventures in Mexico Newsletter
April/May 2005

pg. 4
ffffFriendly realtor Dianne Britton at Ajijic Real Estate ( Morelos 4, just up from the pier, told us that 20,000 foreigners make Lakeside their home and we didnt know whether to take comfort or be frightened. You can tour Lakeside real estate offerings at length at her site and at, where AIM searched to find 44 house listings under $100,000 in the Chapala area. Diannes office hosts weekly open houses and relocation clinics.

ffffSemiretiree Vic De Lu at Ajijic Rentals, Sales and Management ( Colon 1 handles sales while his associates Louise and Margarita know rentals. Vic De Lu sold his flooring business in eastern Oregon some 9 years ago and isnt going back. AIM searched for rentals on the website (in January) and found practically nothing still available for the winter season. Better start your rental search at Lakeside early in the fall. His office has a street display of available home rentals in the $400-$800/month range. There are many homes for sale. Just for a sense of prices: $100,000 on the low end for something decent, to $300,000 for quite nice. Above $100,000, you can often get a pool in the deal, especially if you pick a condo community. Avery pleasant research vacation could be made to Lakeside, staying in Ajijic lodging, and viewing property for sale with realtors.
ffffIn Chapala, AIM visited Town and Country Realty Hidalgo 265, which is on the highway leading west toward Ajijic. They seemed to handle a good number of listings at $100,000 and lower in Chapala, where there is more available at the lower ends of the market. CASE STUDY: One woman from San Francisco moved to Ajijic a year ago thinking she couldnt afford it. She went to a rental office and said she wanted to pay $300 - $350 and assumed shed have to live in Chapala, but something had just opened up and shes renting two bedrooms, large living/eating area with patio on a first floor for $350/mo. She predicted, however, her rent would jump by $100 $150, as she sees other rents going up around her. (Of course she might just still be suffering from San Francisco real estate paranoia.)

ffffChapala Lakeside is served by more English language print publications and companion informative websites than any other area in Mexico: El Ojo del Lago Chapala Review The Guadalajara Colony Reporter Buena Vida Chapala(written in Spanish and English) no website, but info at: Pick any of these websites and you can dive into real estate and activities and lifestyle information for Lakeside that will prepare you well for a visit.

(EMAIL FEB.2005)

ffffLeft Patzcuaro because it is so cold, we were always cold and sick and this years rainy season was the pits. Also prices were going up on eveything, rent, food, etc. Chose the Chapala area for the weather. However, we couldnt stand Ajijic area, too many gringos and not much Spanish spoken. Jocotepec is a Mexican town with few gringoes, we live in a Mexican neighborhood in a Mexican house for only $230 a month, money being in short supply. Also Jocotepec has a zocalo that people actually use. Love it here.

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