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AIM Adventures In Mexico Newsletter
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Adventures in Mexico Newsletter
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AIM-Adventures in Mexico Newsletter
June-July, 2004

Pg 4.
ffffLand in this area is reported to sell for $37/square meter with a minimum lot size of 10 X 20 meters (200 square meters, or about $7500 land cost). Several lots on offer were 1000 square meters ($37,000), or about one-quarter acre that afford space for house, outbuildings, garden and pasture. These lots all have broad views over the grazing plains to the north, to the mountains in the west, and over Lake Pátzcuaro to the east.
ffffAIM chatted with the work crew constructing an adobe house for a foreign client who was renting (for $185/month) a home in neighboring San Francisco Uricho (a village just 1 km. from Eronga on the Pátzcuaro road) during the construction period. The general contractor, a Purépechan Indian gentleman named Tosho showed us one hundred adobe blocks recently prepared from clay dug on the property, each block approximately one-foot square and five inches thick. Mixed and molded that day, a slight skin had formed, but to touch, the mud was yet like a smooth chocolate mousse. It takes one week to dry hard. The property couldnt supply sufficient earth to complete the entire house, so supplies of adobe block, at a cost of $.37 each ($37/100), were also being brought in and stockpiled. The timelessness of the construction scene the mud bricks, the jovial Indian work crew, the grand landscape, was broken only when Tosho interrupted to answer his cell phone.
ffff Adobe construction results in a home that perfectly moderates the warm and cooler temperatures. This project has fine views from most windows, a large fireplace, and some custom-shaped windows. Labor to create in adobe is about 2.5 times the cost of much faster to construct cement/brick, which is completely regular in dimension. Adobe block dimension is inexact, accumulating variation that takes extra time to adjust at window and door openings, but the result has a quality, color, and feel that makes it appealing. This project, Tosho estimated to cost about $45,000 for the construction. The result will be one of Erongas trophy homes.

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