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AIM Adventures In Mexico Newsletter
A newsletter on retirement and travel in Mexico

The AIM Newsletter is suspending publication after nearly 35 consecutive years of reporting on the best places to travel and retire in Mexico. But we're still offering our back issues and a special package of the last four years of the publication -- 25 issues -- for $49. These issues include the low down on all the major destinations including Lake Chapala and San Miguel Allende; beach hideaways; small towns; some really inexpensive places few people have discovered yet; and loads of tips on how to shop for housing. The issues can be read on-line (we'll email you a password) or we'll landmail them to you. The price either way: $49.


"A very good newsletter, targeted towards lovers of Mexico, is Adventures in Mexico, published six times yearly, and filled with pithy hotel, restaurant, touring, and real estate information for independent travelers and retirees seeking the 'real' Mexico."
Bruce Whipperman
Pacific Mexico Handbook
"If you're contemplating a long-term stay in Mexico... [read]... AIM, a well-edited bi-monthly 'Newsletter on Retirement and Travel' that devotes a lot of space to analyzing and comparing prices in various Mexican cities."
Joe Commings
Northern Mexico Handbook
"The newsletter is brightly written, no nonsense, brutally honest, illuminating for both prospective travelers and retiree, four pages full of facts and good humor."
Charles N. Barnard
Modern Maturity
(now AARP Magazine)
"I highly recommend subscribing to AIM..."
Peter A. Dickinson,
Travel and Retirement Edens Abroad
"The AIM newsletter is a reader-friendly publication chock full of useful info on such matters as hotels, restaurants and real estate
in Mexico."
Tilden Hayes,
Mexico City News
"Highly recommended for a concise description of life, rents and commodity prices in various towns and cities of Mexico ...just what the potential Mexican resident would like to know."
Helmut Schlundt,
Living Easy in Mexico
"AIM is one of the best..."
Chicki Mallan,
Central Mexico Handbook
"AIM's is a great little publication; their dandy, bi-monthly newsletter is chock-full of real costs of real folks ...written in a lively style about well-known places, out-of-the-way spots, restaurants and hotels"
Mike Nelson,
Sanborn's Mexico Club Newsletter
"The AIM Newsletter serves up a valuable, information-packed four pages every other a range of pros and cons from the editor's personal experience and perspective...its style is both folksy and authoritative in the best sense of those terms ... reassuringly accurate and up-to-date."
Robin Frames
Albuquerque Journal
"To get the lowdown on the expat scene in Mexico today we contacted... the highly literate Adventures in Mexico Newsletter."
Ben Stein & Phil DeMuth
"Yes, You Can Still Retire Comfortably"
"I have been reading AIM for many years. I strongly suspect that of all the country-specific newsletters being written today that AIM is far and away the very best."
DB - San Francisco, CA
"We appreciate every single issue and cannot think of anything you have overlooked. Many times you seem to be writing just for us.... Your real affection for the country and its wonderful mix of people comes through in your articles. You're one of the good guys. K&JH
"We thoroughly enjoy AIM. We lived in Mexico, on a mountain top, for almost two years. Your writings are the most accurate we have seen thus far.
HCH - Crossett, AR
"Through your eyes, as a result of your travels and documentation, I am able to picture many of the places throuout Mexico. Spring I am planning to move to Guadalajara."
HLN - Irving, TX
"It may interest you to know that my retired military friends here in Europe await AIM almost as eagerly as I do. I let them read my copy but I make them give it back."
GG - MSG USA, Retired
"My companion died in 1990 and I've only been to Mexico once since then. I had thought I didn't want to move to Mexico alone but your newsletter is renewing my interest..." BH
"I haven't had such a good laugh in years! Keep on telling it like it is." J&A "I'm a junior college writing teacher and I use your newletter for an example of top-notch writing." EC
"You put more pertinent information on four pages on a given area than the travel books cover in a chapter. It is just great!" MJW - Clearwater, FL "We continue to enjoy your articles particularly on the smaller less expensive areas." T&JH - New Smyrna Beach, FL
"I am happy to announce that we purchased a beautiful home in ...Veracruz. I am writing this to thank you, and to let you know that the straight forward information in your newsletter helped make our decision possible." RAR - Burien, WA "Thank you so much for publishing this newletter, it has meant a great deal to me. I look forward with bated breath every two months! It's like visiting Mexico without leaving my apt. I love your style and wit! " SL - Bronx, NY
"It's an inspiring delight to find and AIM in our mailbox." D&KB - Haiku, Maui, HI " keeps my hopes and dreams alive."
"Just seven more years till I retire. AIM helps me 'Keep Hope Alive.'" RS ...It is the only one worth keeping for years and years." BM - Portland, OR
"your newsletter is superior to all - literate, funny, filled with information and respectful of Mexican culture."
PG - Albany, NY
"...As we prepare for a changing lifestyle I am sure that my folder of AIMs will shape our decisions. Thank you."
G&JK - Bemidji, MN
"I bought all kinds of books and travel guides and nothing has helped put me at ease until I found AIM and got the real skinny about whats going on where..."
JA - Pomona, CA
"My husband and I have traveled in Mexico for 12 years and have been to many places, always on our own, using public transportation usually, and finding real bargain lodgings. We think Mexico is great for scenery, ruins, climate and friendly, charming people.... I have tried several other newsletters on Mexico and read various travel magazines but your information is the best." NW - Stillwater, MN